Thursday, November 7, 2013

Now What? (Continued)

So you have your list of 100 done? Do you truly have 100 names written down? If not, you have to add to your list! Think of ALL the people you know, not just people who may be interested in Scentsy, Velata or Grace Adele. One thing I have learned is you can't always assume somebody would be interested or not. The person who you think may not be interested may turn into your best customer or better yet, a rock star recruit! Think of guys too! Don't limit yourself! Besides, what if you told 40 people that you are a Scentsy Family Consultant & someone you know you didn't tell purchased Scentsy products from a different consultant? One thing that has always stuck with me in this business is: If you don't share Scentsy with people, someone else will!
Here's the deal, it's not necessarily about who you know, it's about the people THEY know! If you know 100 people & they each know 100 people, who in turn know 100 people, well, you get my drift. So even that big burly neighbor that you THINK may not be interested in Scentsy, could become a loyal customer who also has a mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts & friends that he could refer to you! So, think a little harder and write down a few more names.

Here's the tricky part, are you ready? You need to share Scentsy with each and every one of them! In today's technology age, there are many ways to do it, but the best way is to talk with them directly, either face-to-face or by phone. I know, totally scary! I hate it too. But it's the best way.

I hear from people all the time, "But I'm not good a sales." Or "I don't like to pressure or bother people." It's not like that at all! Think of it this way, if you go to a new restaurant and have fabulous service and the food was fantastic, wouldn't you tell people about it? If you went to a movie that you laughed nearly the entire time, wouldn't you recommend it to people? If you discovered a product that you absolutely loved, was safe, healthy and made your home smell wonderful, well, wouldn't you want to recommend that to people too? It's a recommendation, you just happen to be selling the fabulous product they should buy! Plus, the product sells itself! Just put some wax under their nose & see what happens!

Remember to ask people to buy, host or join your team!  Happy Sharing!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Now what?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You joined my Scentsy Family team (or another direct sales company)! (Or maybe you have been a part of a DS company for some time and you are looking to get back to basics.) That's great! You are motivated and excited for your business and you can't wait to watch it grow! But how? Now what?

Deciding to become a part of a direct sales company can be a very exciting time! And I'm SO EXCITED for you! I remember how I felt when I first joined Scentsy! I couldn't wait to get my starter kit! You absolutely LOVE the products otherwise you wouldn't join, right? Now you have to share your excitement with everyone! But how?

Here is the best piece of advice I can give you. Make a list of 100 people you know. It can be family, friends, co-workers, friend's family, neighbors, kid's friend's parents, church or other group members, etc. Studies show that the average person can actually think of 150 people off the top of their head! I have no doubt you can too!

You will refer back to your list of 100 frequently while working your business. As you meet more & more people either through your business or just the blessing of new people entering your life, this list will evolve over time. You will add to it, maybe even remove people from it. But it will remain an important part of your direct sales business! I challenge you to sit down today and write down your list of 100! Check back for my next post to see what to do next!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Such a simple question. Why? I'm sure you hear it often, more frequently if you have a youngster curious about the world. Many times, I find myself giving the short, easy answer. Often because it's too complicated to explain to children seven years and younger, or I just don't know the answer. For instance, the other day, while preparing lunch for my son's birthday party, my oldest asked me, "Why is a Sloppy Joe called a Sloppy Joe?" I told her "Because they are sloppy and probably invented by a guy named Joe." Though it's only partially true, my answer sufficed. (Sloppy Joe History, gotta love Google!)

In business and in life, asking "Why" is key to knowing your why you are purposely making day to day decisions. Now, if you don't know why, then you are probably just going about a daily routine, with no plan. You just get up and get ready for the day, eat breakfast and off to work, or school, or tending to your children.  It's repetitive, it's mundane. But WHY? Why do you do what you do? This is not an answer you can find on Google. It's deep and only applies to you.

Do you know where you want to be in five years? In three years? In one year? In six months? How about next week? Do you see yourself still waking up, doing the same thing you are today? If you are truly, truly happy, then that's great! But if you long for more in your life, then it's up to you to change it.

Asking why is vital. What is important to you? Is it your family, your significant other? Is it to own a home, get a new car, to pay off your debt, or to go on vacations? Is it to give back to others, your parents, your church, your time? What triggers YOU? What is it that you are most passionate about? What is not quite right in your life that if you could make it happen, it would bring you to tears? What is that something, that when you think about it, you can feel it in your gut? Like butterflies you get before you start a new job or begin a new relationship.  It has to move you. What is it for you?

For me, it is my husband and my children. I long for other things I listed above, and they will come too, but these people are what really move me. I am so passionate about giving my family opportunity and options. It's not about money, though money is what will get us there. It's about what that money can do for us. I want to be able to spend most of our time together, making memories. Family vacations to Disney, The Black Hills, Yellowstone, Wisconsin Dells, camping and more! To be able to let our children get involved in sports or drama or what ever it is they want to do and not have to worry about the price tag. I want to give my husband the option to do what ever he wants to do in life. (Yes, he has dreams too!) I FEEL it, I FEEL it in my gut! I am so passionate about it, it does bring me to tears! I want nothing more than to be there for my children. For every little thing that is important to them! Every concert, sporting event, EVERYTHING! Our jobs allows us to do that! And together, my husband and I are getting up every day, eating breakfast and we make daily decisions that will bring us closer to our ultimate goal!

I am so incredibly blessed that I have a husband that supports me and believes in my dreams as much as I believe in his. Together, we have a plan. We know where each of us are headed in our businesses and our life. It gets modified here and there, but the destination is always the same. Our why is each other and our children, to give us choices that we wouldn't have if we just went about our day doing the same routine, mundane things.

What about you? What moves you? What is it you want most? What is you WHY?